Thank you for your interest in selling to Hairizon!

Below are some common questions regarding our supplier application process: 

  • What type of items does Hairizon purchase? Any products falling within our core values will be considered: Natural, Local (North Carolina) and/or Handmade
  • When do you accept unsolicited supplier applications? Due to the large volume of interested suppliers, we accept application one time a year (October 1st - December 31).  No applications will be accepted outside of the application period.
  • How do I apply? Return to this web page ( during the supplier application period.  This page is where you will find all the supplier information.
  • What kind of information is requested? To prepare for the application process. some items are: general information about your business, social media stats, picture of your product(s), are we able to place online orders with your company (not required), etc.

Have more questions or you would like to talk with us more about the application process, feel free schedule a meeting with us.  Email us at

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your application!