The Beauty Bar (Make-Your-Own-Products)

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Natural products, your way.

Not sure what essential oils and/or scents to use? Check out the descriptions HERE

The Hairizon Beauty Bar is where you may select from a variety of essential oils (such as Somalia Rose, CocoMango or Cucumber Melon) to create a customized whipped shea butter treat just for you. We have over 100+ combinations. It's whipped with your choice of oils, while you wait at our store or shipped right to your home! Whipped shea can be used from head to toe as a moisturizing body treat or you may want to target the ends of your hair using this rich crème as a sealant. Visit our Hairizon Beauty Bar, in-person or online, and find your fragrance to blend into our whipped shea. We'll make sure they are combined in the right proportions. The ivory shea we use has been imported from Ghana. 

There’s also the option to purchase the whipped shea unscented which makes it ideal for babies and/or individuals dealing with the challenges of moisturizing psoriasis or eczema. 

Hairizon Beauty has the best Shea Butter!

*The standard base for the body & hair and massage oil are Sunflower oil unless specified


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2 Reviews

Amani 21st Mar 2018

I loved This product

Thank you so much for such a perfect product didn't expect that. This item has been forwarded to me from USA to Kuwait middle east it arrived in perfect condition. I loved the customer service whom kept me updated about the shipment. I loved the smell of the scrub (lavender and calm) I am sure that wont be my only order.

Thank you

Sable 3rd Feb 2017

Amazing Product. Amazing Customer Service.

I fell in love with Hairizon's customizable Shea Butter when I was living in Chapel Hill for graduate school and continued to order my favorite scented shea butter (as well as experiment with different combinations) when I moved back home to Chicago. I always get complimented on how good I smell and how soft my skin is. The quality of the product is amazing and the customer service is on point. I called when my package was stolen from in front of my apartment building and they sent me a replacement right away.I cannot say enough about how awesome Hairizon is!

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