Hairizon Aloe Body Butter (Make-Your-Own)

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Our Aloe Butter is made from the extract of the aloe vera plant, organic beeswax and coconut oil. You can combine the healing properties of aloe vera with the sweet and energizing scent of your choice. Aloe Butter is a versatile butter that is solid at room temperature yet melts easily on the skin.

It's also a wonderful butter to use after extreme sun exposure. Suitable for all skin types and can be used as a head to toe butter. Perfect for hair!


  • Aloe Vera - antioxidant, antibacterial, heals skin, and helps prevent wrinkles
  • Coconut Oil - skin moisturizer, promotes healthy hair, heals damaged hair, and prevents flaking skin
  • Organic Beeswax - softens skin, locks in moisture, anti-inflammatory and provides a soft hold for hairstyle
  • Vitamin E - skin moisturizer, anti-aging, improves skin tone and various other skin problems

Upgrade your Aloe Butter with scents and/or essential oils for only $1 each; premium upgrades are $2

2 oz size only available online

*denotes essential oils


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1 Review

29th Feb 2016


I love how soft my moisturized my skin is after every use! It's gentle enough where I can use on my daughter's skin as well. Will not buy from anywhere else

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