Aloe Water


Aloe of course does wonders for the skin, but it also nourishes the hair.

Now you can treat your tresses with the healing qualities of aloe vera with Hairizon's Aloe Water!

Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, active amino acids and enzymes, aloe has been known to encourage growth, strengthen and balance the pH of your hair. Our Aloe Water is also anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, which means it naturally cleanses, calms itchy scalps and reduces dandruff.

Proven to restore brilliance to damaged hair, gently detangle and smooth unruly hair, Hairizon's Aloe Water is commonly used as an anti-frizz spray, setting spray or detangling spray.

Since the no-rinse formula of our conditioning Aloe Water is lightweight and oil-free, it never weighs your hair down or clogs pores. We recommend you spritz a bit of Hairizon Aloe Water on either wet or dry hair to moisturize, refresh and revitalize anytime of the day. The botanical hair spray can also be used along with a heat protectant prior to blow drying or straightening. It really is an all-in-one beauty essential!

100% Natural Hair Conditioner
Multipurpose Beauty Spray
Rich in Calcium, Iron & Lectin
pH Level: 4.5 - 5.5
Easy to Use 8oz or 16oz Bottle

Light Refreshing Aloe Scent

"This product is great! I love this aloe water. It moisturizes and leaves natural hair curly and soft." - Hairizon Customer


  • Distilled Water infused with Aloe Vera


Apply to wet or dry hair.  Do not rinse and continue your normal hair routine.
For curly styles: Apply Aloe Water to hair prior to applying your favorite styling products or as a refresher.
For blow drying or flat ironing hair: Apply to hair prior to your heat protectant or Grapeseed oil.




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12 Reviews

Joanna 14th Mar 2018

Aloe Water

I love the aloe water. It is very moisturizing. I will definitely buy it again.

Shann 10th Dec 2017

The Best Ever!

This has to be the best ever! I have tried many different hair spritzers, refreshers, detanglers or what ever you may want to name them but nothing has ever worked this great and this fast. I thought your hair had to adjust to new products but not true! The very first time I used the aloe water on my hair after washing it my hair was so soft and detangled so easily. It made my hair feel moisturized and clean. I even got a compliment from the very first person I saw. My cousin was like girl what did you do different to your hair it looks good! Your curls look so pretty...and I was like nothing major lol, I just used some aloe water from the Hairizon store I showed you on line. We are both newly natural and we were shopping for hair products and she decided to go with another company and now she is wishing she would have chosen the Hairizon products instead! Sorry my review is so long but I just had to share my experience and last but not least the customer service is amazing! I don’t know if I spoke to the owner but she was such a sweet heart! That’s why their products are the best because it’s so much love coming from their spirit. I’m in Louisiana and just through a phone conversation you can feel the joy and passion behind their work. Thanks again for your help with my order and I look forward to trying other products on my natural hair journey!

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